We are on a quest to restore civility with the new resource book Restoring Civility: Lessons from the Master: Your Path to Rediscover Respect. Church Doctor Ministries’ founder, Kent R. Hunter, and leader, Tracee J. Swank, now invite you to not only read their new book but also to study it! Available now with your Restoring Civility book order is a free copy of the book’s new study guide.

Respectful Behavior helps you, your family, or your small group to dive deeper into conversation about civility and your role in making a more civilized society. Guiding you through Restoring Civility: Lessons from the Master, the questions will help you to evaluate what you do, how you act, and what your impact is on the world. We encourage you to use this resource with a small group, because restoring civility does not work unless we all work together!

Will you help us as we strive to be the change in the world, to help others, and to be better civilized beings? Remember, when you buy Restoring Civility, you receive a free copy of Respectful Behavior. To purchase your book package today, click here.